10 Different Types of Effective Links in 2015!

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Links tend to come about naturally as a result of our outreach efforts, which is really the ideal way to build links, isn’t it? After months of sending hundreds of outreach messages, I’ve identified 8 very valuable links that tend to result from our successes, which I’ve summarized here: 1. Author Bio Link The author […]

Ten Link Building Tips for the Gaming & Casino Niche

The Gaming/ Gambling niche can be one of the most competitive online when it comes to link building, it can also be the most difficult to drive ideas when building links in this niche. I have decided to put together 10 ideas with the help of some team members of some ideas you can test […]

Melbourne Cup SEO & Link Building Review 2014

Tomorrow is the race that stops the nation in Australia, with millions of dollars to be bet on Race 7 and millions of dollars been bet across the country. Backlinks.com.au decided to take a look at another point of Melbourne Cup which many people do not even think of. This is the Organic Visibility of […]

High Quality Blogger Outreach Strategies

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Here at Backlinks we pride our selves on been one of the best in the business when it comes to high end link building strategies for our clients. We deal in high end Blogger outreach and we do not use networks or low quality strategies to build blogger relations. As we work with many Mid- […]

20 TOP Link Builders You Should Be Following On Twitter!

A common question many people in the SEO industry ask is: “Who are some quality link builders I can follow on Twitter??“. To answer this question, I have decided to take the liberty and make a list of 20 link builders who I have been following for a long time and highly advise you follow […]

Simon Barker The Mentalist is now doing link building!

So today I had the pleasure of been contacted by Simon Barker on Linkedin. Simon has offered various link building packages some of which may be to good to say no for some people. Yet really if you are going to make a fake persona and use it for link building why use a popular […]

11 Link Building Questions with Jon Cooper from Point Blank SEO

Question 1: Jon it is great to have you on Backlinks.com.au for a quick chat about link building and you’re upcoming trip to Sydney for SMX on the 27, 28 and 29th May. What can attendants expect from your sessions? They should expect to hear about links! I know more than a few SEOs are […]

My Blog Guest Link Penalty Analysis

Link Builders and SEO’s all over the world have felt the pain in the last week by My Blog Guest been targeted by Google. Whilst this site was quite “White hat with a few stripes of Grey.” It has affected 1000’s of websites across the world. Now if you ever used My Blog Guest I […]

27 Experts Share Their Top Link Building Strategies for 2014

As 2013 draws to a close, I decided it would be a great idea to reach out to some fantastic SEOs in the industry who are link building on a daily basis. I sent out  a few emails and made some posts on 2 or 3 social networks and was able to draw up a […]

Using Direct Mail Outreach to Gain Links, Mentions and More!

A few months ago I was asked to contribute to a post called “The $100 Link Building Challenge“. The main question of the post was you were asked to promote a USB company’s products and to use creative methods to gain links from this outreach. Everyone submitted different ideas to the post which actually turned […]

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