Having people link to your website is important for the obvious reason of increasing traffic, but also because it increases your Google rating. Acquiring local links is a vital part of building your presence within the community and more importantly—on local online search results.
People are super wary of Penguin and so most traditional link builders will try and get as much value per link by only targeting sites with a high Domain Authority (DA). Sure, this is a great way to increase your Google rating around the world, but there’s a better way. Building links with local businesses regardless of their site’s DA will increase your own rating and traffic, but it will also improve your local search rating greatly.
When building links with local sites, don’t just aim for businesses with a high DA. They could have just 5 followers on their page for all it matters. The reason for this? Those businesses with an appalling level of online presence are almost always providing for locals and locals only. Some examples of this are typical trade businesses.
Why is this beneficial? Because if you’re linked to by several local businesses your site will become incredibly relevant to somebody searching in the area. If you’re worried about receiving a penalty from Penguin for utilising low-authority pages, don’t be. As long as the businesses you’re linking with are local, there won’t be a problem.
Now that we’ve removed your fear of the big bad Penguin, here are 8 tips for building local links:

1. Host a Community Event
Although this takes some planning, if you put the effort in to bring your community together you could wind up swimming in local links. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, but here are some ideas: a walkathon fundraiser for a local charity, a planned day for Santa to visit a BBQ at the park, or even an outdoor movie night.

2. Find Local Bloggers
If you’re able to make any connections with local bloggers, then it’s unlikely that they’ll be super against posting something about your page with a link at the end. Bingo!

3. Get Nominated for an Award
A great way to get another link is by becoming a nominee for a local award. Nominees are usually posted online with the results, but why stop there? Actually winning the award could look great for your business.

4. Sponsor a Local Sports Team
It might cost a bit of money, but getting your hyperlink added to a local soccer or netball club’s page can boost your site’s local rating significantly. It’s definitely the younger the better in this case, and be sure to steer clear of national or international teams.

5. Interviewing Community Leaders
You’ll need to network a bit for this, but arranging an interview with council members, government representatives, sporting event co-ordinators or even popular business owners can be another great way to get local links.

6. Add a Page for Local Resources
Do a good deed and talk about some of the local businesses that you particularly enjoy or find useful. This can include anything from a good mechanic to a café or a bakery. There’s no need to provide any links to these businesses, but if the page is found and deemed useful, then other community members and websites are likely to share the link to your page anyway.

7. Get Added to a Local Directory
If you haven’t already, find the local directory for your area and send them your details to become a part of it.

8. Make Use of Your Current Contacts
If you have any business owners frequently attend your store or use your services, you could ask them for a quick reference to your site. Maybe in exchange for a discount on their next purchase? Or even better, if any of your friends have a website then it’s practically their unspoken duty to help you out.

Apply these tips and you’ll have built an awesome list of juicy, local links in no time!