Melbourne Cup SEO & Link Building Review

Tomorrow is the race that stops the nation in Australia, with millions of dollars to be bet on Race 7 and millions of dollars been bet across the decided to take a look at another point of Melbourne Cup which many people do not even think of. This is the Organic Visibility of those whole rank on commercial terms for betting related keywords. As huge... Read More

High Quality Blogger Outreach Services

Here at Backlinks we pride our selves on been one of the best in the business when it comes to high end link building Services for our clients. We deal in high end Blogger outreach and we do not use networks or low quality Services to build blogger relations.As we work with many Mid- Large scale businesses in the Sydney market it means we need to be doing the best possibl... Read More

20 TOP Link Builders You Should Be Following On Twitter!

A common question many people in the SEO industry ask is: "Who are some quality link builders I can follow on Twitter??".To answer this question, I have decided to take the liberty and make a list of 20 link builders who I have been following for a long time and highly advise you follow them as well if you are looking for new link building ideas, tips and advice. All the link... Read More

Simon Barker The Mentalist is now doing link building!

So today I had the pleasure of been contacted by Simon Barker on Linkedin.Simon has offered various link building packages some of which may be to good to say no for some people.Yet really if you are going to make a fake persona and use it for link building why use a popular TV star as the account image, it just looks so silly. A quick reverse image search above shows exa... Read More

11 Link Building Questions with Jon Cooper from Point Blank SEO

Question 1: Jon it is great to have you on for a quick chat about link building and you’re upcoming trip to Sydney for SMX on the 27, 28 and 29th May. What can attendants expect from your sessions?They should expect to hear about links! I know more than a few SEOs are trying to steer their topics away from link building because of how toxic the subject i... Read More