My Blog Guest Link Penalty Analysis

Link Builders and SEO's all over the world have felt the pain in the last week by My Blog Guest been targeted by Google. Whilst this site was quite "White hat with a few stripes of Grey." It has affected 1000's of websites across the world. Now if you ever used My Blog Guest I highly suggest you go to Google Webmaster Tools and check under (Search Traffic > Manual Actions) t... Read More

27 Experts Share Their Top Link Building Strategies for 2019

As 2015 draws to a close, I decided it would be a great idea to reach out to some fantastic SEOs in the industry who are link building on a daily basis. I sent out  a few emails and made some posts on 2 or 3 social networks and was able to draw up a list of over 27 real world expert link builders to ask them the question: "What link building strategies will you be using in 201... Read More

Using Direct Mail Outreach to Gain Links, Mentions and More!

A few months ago I was asked to contribute to a post called "The $100 Link Building Challenge". The main question of the post was you were asked to promote a USB company's products and to use creative methods to gain links from this outreach. Everyone submitted different ideas to the post which actually turned into a great resource. The characteristic I have noticed about link ... Read More

SEO moz HUGE Jelly Bean Guessing Competition Anyone Can Win!

So here at we love giveaways our last competition had 48 people enter from all over the globe. Resulting in numerous prizes to the winning contestants receiving some great Google goodies including: Google Pens, Google books and other swag (Stay tuned for more give away's as well)Now today I was thinking so we need another give away it has been too long since ... Read More

Eleven Actionable eCommerce Link Building Tips

So I have worked with numerous eCommerce sites over the last 8 years in Australian and the US market. Today I decided to write a few tips on eCommerce link building. As I have worked with many Fashion sites in the past this post will have a focus towards fashion (mainly the iconic website as it is a good example) but you can change it for any niche in eCommerce the basic princi... Read More