11 SEO Experts Share Actionable Link Building Tips

Recently their has been some negative sentiment in the market for link building. Many people claim link building is dead, many claim it has no value. Well any one who is generating results on a weekly basis knows that link building is still key. I decided to reach out to a few respected names in the link building, affiliate marketing and SEO community to see what their top acti... Read More

Research proves that Backlinks still equate for 40% of Ranking.

When it comes to ranking with SEO Backlinks are still highly important. Many individuals say that Backlinks do not help with ranking in today's market. This is not the case Moz has released its 2013 ranking factors study and it shows that close to 40% of ranking online involve the use of Backlinks. Now the key point is you need to be building the correct types of backlinks.... Read More

Brian Dean from Backlinko discusses Affiliate Marketing Link Building

We have a special guest stopping by today at Backlinks.com.au. Brian Dean of Backlinko, an SEO consultant and link builder, has decided to visit and share some of best link building tips, insights, and strategies. You may have seen his post, 17 Untapped Backlink Sources before. This interview is like that: tons of actionable tips and you can apply to your link building campaig... Read More

20 SEO Tips from EX Googlers

[caption id="attachment_159" align="alignnone" width="300"] ex-googlers[/caption]We have sourced a list of 20 effective SEO Tips direct from Ex Google employees!Tip 1 – Content Relevancy is important for SEO.Tip 2 – High quality Directories are still worthwhile.Tip 3 – Do not trust directories which ask for reciprocal links.Tip 4 – Do not use scraped... Read More

Australian Review of Ahrefs Backlink Analysis Tool

We decided to put together a series of reviews on common Backlink checking tools in the market to help customers select the best backlink tool for your business.We start our analysis looking at a relatively new comer on the market called Ahrefs: (www.ahrefs.com) which has been in operation since 2011.We have been using many different tools over the years so we know what... Read More