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Backlinks has been helping clients in the Australian market acquire high quality links and build high quality content assets for over 10 years. If you need a Link Building Service you can trust talk to our team today on 1300 886 452.

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We offer high-quality link building services which are long-lasting. We do not take short cuts everything is done manually or by direct outreach. All of our link building work is done in Australia by our team of highly qualified link building professionals. Do not trust low-quality link building services they can cost your company in the long term.The truth is link building is quite hard in the Australian market & Australian businesses really do struggling to get backlinks as opposed to other markets such as the United States. There is a stigma around Australian webmasters not wanting to link to other lower quality websites on their personal blogs which is why we have decided to come into the market and offer our services

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LY Lawyers

Great team of people and excellent work done on my campaign. The team has assisted with high quality link acquisition and SEO work which has resulted in fantastic year on year SEO growth. Highly recommended for legal SEO project work. Adam (Director)


We have worked with the team at Backlinks.com.au for the last 18 months and it has been a great journey. Nothing is ever to hard for the team to do. These are all the ingredients for success and which our results are proof off. The team acquired high quality links in the Real Estate niche and have provided on going training and advice. - Anne

Open Colleges - Joao Da Costa

We found Backlinks.com.au to be both ethical and highly knowledgeable in building high quality links and content assets. The links which the Backlinks team have secured have helped secure our position in a highly competitive market been Online Education.

About us

Backlinks.com.au has been operating for over 10 years in the Australian market to develop the most effective high quality link building services, implementation and strategy. Our team based in Sydney works with a range of clients in numerous industries such as Online Education, Finance, Travel, Forex, Marketplace websites and more. If you are looking for link building services you can trust talk to our team today on 1300 886 452.Are your link building tactics white-hat? They are as white hat as they come, all will be done via outreach. Some methods we use are the following:Broken Link Building Link Reclamation Resources Page Building Niche Directory Listings Savings for certain select groups How does this differ from Search Engine Optimisation Services? Link building is an essential part of any SEO service you buy. You must make sure that when you are purchasing SEO services that an outreach & link building campaign is included in the package as it will be very important in attaining the rankings your SEO campaign is striving for.Our services can be seen as an addition to any search engine optimisation service which you have currently for more firepower, particularly if your competitors have had an increase in link velocity, or if you are in a very competitive market and the Google rankings have not moved with your current link building campaign.What metrics will you be tracking? We aim for links which have a DR of 12 or more. DR or Domain Rank is a metric which we use from a tool called Ahrefs which is currently the most powerful tool in the SEO industry & we feel it is more accurate than the previous industry standard of domain authority. We will also look at the traffic & ensure there are more than 500+ visitors from an organic traffic channel on the domain & that they are all coming from a tier 1 country such as Australia.Are links are Ranking Factor? The short answer is yes, they do! According to the list of ranking factors on MOZ, backlinks going to your website can account for up to 40-50% of your SEO efforts & this only increases in more competitive verticals such as insurance & finance. Links work a lot better on more established websites as opposed to a brand new site where your search engine ranking could be affected by the Google sandbox.Do links assist with Local SEO? Yes, they do. Backlinks can be used to point to a contact page which was a suburb or area associated with it. This is a great way of building out your website relevance in the local search engines as they will recognise that your content is local & relevant to the geographic area the query has come from.What area's of link building do you service? We can build links Australia-wide. It does not matter where you are located as links can be built here in-house by our team in Sydney. Whether you or your business is located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, Canberra, Hobart or even Darwin then fear not as Backlinks is the company you can trust for localised, relevant high-quality backlinks all done via outreach.Do we build Australian Backlinks? Indeed we do. We ensure that the links we are building are from either .com.au, .net.au, .org.au & other .com websites which have Australian based content. Of course, this is only if you select an Australian backlink campaign as we also offer general high-quality link building services.

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