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10 Surefire Link Building Tips

Tip 1. When sending emails link request emails always use a company emails, as an example [email protected]. Many people use Gmail accounts and free emails for out reach, from my experience always try to use a professional company email for a higher reply rate.
Tip 2. When building links on directories always check too see if the domain is indexed first. You can do this using the site syntax when searching in Google. Another point is to check if the domain has PR (Page Rank) if the website has PR0 it is a sign that it may not be indexed.
Not Indexed
Tip 3. If you are looking to do competitive link building be sure to view competitors backlinks profiles on tools like
Open Site Explorer
and Majestic SEO. You can place in your competitors domain and it will show a list of all links in which they have built. Download the list to a CSV file and group the domain by Followed/ No Follow. Look for the highest quality followed links and work out how you can obtain these links for your self.
competitive research
Tip 4. When ever you upload content to YouTube and other 3rd party video sites like Vimeo be sure to include a link back to your sites home page or sub level page near the top of the description. This way if people scrape the content it will be listed on numerous websites, you will also have citations from these video sites. It is amazing how companies have YouTube accounts with 100’s of videos which PR pages yet they have no links at all and in some cases no descriptions, Spend a few hours and optimize the whole account.
Tip 5. Be sure to monitor new links on Google Webmaster tools, when new links are added to your website see where they come from as they could be a negative backlinks. Another thing you can do is monitor your webmaster tools for positive links, when you notice a new link which is positive say thank you to the website for linking to you on Twitter for example. This way you can build a relationship with the website owner to obtain further links in the near future.
Tip 6. Always make sure you add your brand terms to Google Alerts. When you see alerts come up for your brand term be sure to see if their is any opportunity to acquire a link from the page.
Tip 7. Still use PR websites if they are indexed in Google News. If the PR website is not indexed in Google News it is an indication that the site is low quality, as Google News has a tough approval process for websites and if you are low quality they usually remove you from news search. You can check if a site is indexed in Google News by using the syntax Most of the big websites such as PR Web are indexed in Google news so it is a good sign that they are quality websites.
Tip 8. Use tools like tin eye to find out who is taking your image content and ask for a link back to your site. An easy image to search for your company logo, many people list company logos on old sponsorship sites and also brand affiliates, you can easily reach out to these websites and ask for a link back.
Tip 9. Contact local news papers for an opportunity to do a story or place a quote on a story. It is amazing how you can potentially obtain links by contacting press. If you do not want to call journalists, find them on Twitter and interact with them, some times they ask for quotes from people in specific industries. Use tools like
Followerwonk to search for local tech journalists in your region (an example below)
Tip 10. Contact your suppliers and ask for banner links and images of you business. Linking directly back to your site it is and easy and cost effective way to get links in the B2B sector. As the saying goes if you don’t ask you don’t get! And it is the same with link building don’t be afraid to ask the worst a website can say is NO!
If you have any additional points to add please comment below:

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