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Link Building Agency

SEO is becoming more and more competitive. To really stand out and earn the trust of search engines you need high quality link building. These links are what stand between you and your competition. 

Reach out to our team to partner with a link building agency that has over a decade of experience. Brands trust us in Australia, the US and Europe and have the results to show for it. 

Backlinks’ Link Building Services

We provide link building services aimed to enhance your SEO efforts, helping you secure top-notch backlinks that put you ahead of the competition.

High-Quality Backlinks

Our link building company concentrates on securing high-quality links through outreach, competitive and profile link acquisitions, guest posts and asset creation, and unique methods such as broken link building.

We commit to manual, top-quality link building service and avoid sectors like online gambling, adult content, and illegal to protect your brand’s reputation. Our team based in Australia crafts customised link building strategies that align with your goals, whether you’re located in Australia, Europe, or the US.

Digital PR

Digital PR links your brand with authoritative, relevant online media outlets. We develop campaigns that journalists will share, earning you invaluable backlinks that can’t be purchased. This not only increases your visibility and traffic but also enhances your authority. Our team manages asset creation and pitches original stories to relevant media sources. A service not typically provided by other link building companies but is a powerful link building technique.

Competitive Research Analysis

Our competitive research analysis will uncover what it takes to surpass your competitors in the search engine results pages. By studying their strategies, we help you achieve a notable edge.

Our link building agency utilises sophisticated tools and approaches to examine competitor link building tactics. This enables us to replicate what’s working for them and capitalise on their missed opportunities. This is how you get the edge over your closest rivals. 

Link Profile Analysis

Our detailed link profile analysis identifies and amends websites and pages affected by inferior link-building practices. You’ll get a comprehensive review and summary of your existing link profile, providing clear directions for improvement.

We locate and remove adverse links that might jeopardise your website’s reputation and search rankings. With our weekly service, you’ll receive a continuous strategy to maintain a clean and effective link profile.

Link Building Training

Our training program equips your internal team with the necessary skills and knowledge for effective link acquisition and management. Learn everything from outreach to multiple link acquisition techniques commonly employed by professional link builders. We can customise the training to fit your company’s needs. 

Backlink Removal

Affected by a recent algorithm update or a sudden drop in rankings? It could be due to spammy links. Our backlink removal services are tailored to identify and eliminate harmful links, like those from private blog networks. These types of low-quality could be damaging your rankings.

How We Choose Your Backlinks

Here at Backlinks, our team has over a decade of search engine optimisation experience. We’ve built our name on providing quality over quantity in link selection.

We base our strategies on real-world testing and continuously adapt to align with the latest SEO trends and algorithm changes.

Domain Rating

A website’s Domain Rating reflects the strength of its backlink profile. We target websites with high Domain Ratings to ensure a better ROI as these are generally more trusted and influential. 

Anchor Text

We carefully select anchor texts that reflect the intent of your target page. Anchor text should make it easy for both search engines and users to understand your content’s context. Our diverse anchor usage prevents over-optimisation.

URL Rating

The URL Rating is similar to Domain Rating but shows the strength of a specific page’s backlink profile. We aim for pages with high URL Ratings which indicate to search engines superior quality links. This helps to pass strong link equity to your website. 

Relevancy Match

We ensure the backlinks we select are not only of high quality but also perfectly match the topics you deal with. The direct word from Google is that backlinks are most powerful when relevant. 

Trust Flow

Trust Flow measures the trustworthiness and quality of a site’s links. We focus on securing valuable links and enhancing your site’s credibility. These types of links hold their value and continue to perform well over time. 

Link Attributes

Our goal is to build the right type of links for your objectives. Our team will check that we’re acquiring do-follow links so your website is benefiting the most. We avoid links labelled as rel-“sponsored” and aim for genuine backlinks favoured by Google.

Essential Qualities of Our Backlinks

Securing links from authoritative websites is a huge trust signal in the eyes of search engines. This is the best way to increase your brand’s credibility and put your website in front of new but relevant audiences. 


These top-quality links are from well-respected and established websites within their industries. These backlinks are viewed by search engines as trust signals. Building these links involves targeting websites with strong domain authority that are highly relevant to your niche and consistently attract a lot of traffic.

A single high-quality backlink can be more effective than many low-quality ones. We focus on building high quality backlinks rather than quantity to make sure your backlink efforts lead to significant and sustainable outcomes.


Google highly values links from websites that are in the same industry or niche. Such backlinks indicate to search engines that your content is useful to people in your specific niche. 

Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is the stream of visitors that arrive at your site through links found on other websites. This type of traffic is particularly valuable as it is organic traffic usually comes from people who are already interested in what you offer.

Search engines view high referral traffic as an indicator of the quality and relevance of your site. This sends positive signals to Google which can enhance your site’s search rankings. Visitors that engage well with your site can also positively affect SEO.

Fully Managed Link Building Agency 

We have developed a streamlined four-step strategy for efficient link building, ensuring that your team is fully updated and involved with our managed strategies.


We begin with understanding your specific needs and goals. Unlike other link building agencies, we provide tailored strategies for each client.

We focus our link building experts on securing highly relevant links pointing to your primary target pages. These links are carefully selected using the methods that best suit your brand. Our strategy includes building a robust backlink profile with naturally distributed anchor texts and avoiding manipulative techniques by focusing on organic, white-hat link building.


Our experienced link builders then take charge of locating high-authority sites with significant traffic, ensuring the backlinks you receive are powerful. We target sites in your niche with our outreach and contacts. Continuously refining our methods to achieve the highest response rates.

The Backlinks are Built

After securing the ideal backlinks, we ensure they are correctly placed and blend seamlessly with the existing content.

We focus on the relevance and quality of each backlink, striving for those that deliver genuine value to your site. Our team closely monitors and adjusts the strategy as needed to maximise the effectiveness of the links.

Monthly Backlink Reports

Our monthly reports provide a comprehensive view of your link-building progress. They detail essential metrics: 

  • Linking URLs
  • Target pages
  • Anchor texts
  • Domain ratings
  • Traffic
  • Keyword visibility

These reports allow you to track the effectiveness of your link-building efforts. We can then perform strategic adjustments based on precise data. They help keep you informed about how your backlinks are affecting your SEO and ROI.

Want an Experienced Partner?

We are a team of seasoned SEO professionals who understand search engine optimisation and are up-to-date with the latest algorithm changes. We commit to building 100% white-hat, manually reviewed links, leveraging our real-world testing and experiences. Something underutilised by other link building companies. 

We integrate seamlessly with your team. Handling the intensive aspects of the process, from content creation to outreach. Our extensive experience and industry contacts set us apart from other link building agencies

Contact us to learn how our cost-effective solutions can be tailored to your company and invest in sustainable growth with the help of our industry expertise.

What is a link building agency?

A link building agency specialises in acquiring links from other websites to your own. These links help improve your site’s authority and rankings in search engine results. Agencies use various strategies including content creation, outreach, and collaborations to secure these links. Their expertise helps enhance your website’s visibility and SEO performance.

How does link building benefit my business?

Link building improves your website’s search engine rankings, which can lead to increased traffic, more leads, and greater sales.

How much should I pay for link building?

A specialist link building agency will cost $500 to several thousand dollars a month depending on the services required. The quality of the agency can also be a factor and you should expect to pay more for proven and experienced agencies. 

What are the best practices for link building?

Best practices for link building include creating high-quality content that’s link-worthy, reaching out to relevant websites for link placement, and using keywords naturally within the anchor text.

How long does it take to see results from link building?

Results from a link building campaign can vary, typically appearing within three to six months. The timeline depends on the competitiveness of your industry, the quality of the links, and the existing authority of your website. Consistent effort and adherence to best practices are key to seeing sustained improvements.

Does link building still work?

Yes, link building remains a fundamental part of SEO strategies. Despite changes in search algorithms, backlinks continue to be a significant factor in how search engines determine the quality and relevance of a site. 

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