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15 Ways To Build Backlinks Post Google Penguin Update.

After the recent Google Penguin update which rolled out, the way in which backlinks are built to websites has become harder. In the past people would use blog networks and also paid links on mass to gain links. In today’s market these style of link building strategies do not work any more and if you utalize them you can be targeted by Google and result in your business been penalized by Google.


The team here at has put together a list of 15 tactics in which will assist your business with building links.
1. Running Competitions to gain links – running competitions can be a great way to build backlinks to your website.
2. Reach out to related websites – Using prospecting looking at your competitors links using software such as Open Site Explorer or simple putting “” in a Google search to gain links. You can reach out to website which are similar to yours and ask to do a guest post or do some free work for them or even build a business partner ship to build links.
3. Using Guest posting – to gain links using guest posts which are unique can be a great way to build backlinks to a website, Using a search such as My Guest Post is a great way to build links.
4. Produce video content – Post video content you make for your brand on 3rd party websites such as Vimeo.
5. Carry out surveys – Do some industry specific research and surveys, collect the data from the Survey and turn it into a blog post. This can be a great way to acquire long term links.
6. Complete research – Do some industry specific research for your company, make sure it is going to be relevant for other companies in you market, even look at getting a university involved in the research some universities look for businesses to do projects on.
7. Create Badges – Badges can be a great way to use link building, Hit Wise does this strategy very well, try and make a badge for suppliers or a badge for your customers which they will want to place on their blog, website or even forum.
8. Find Industry Directories – look for high quality industry specific directories for your business, do not target low quality directories go for the best quality ones in the market, example of industry directory is the Better Business Bureau.
9. Provide Interviews – Look for leaders in your industry and do interviews on them, this can be a great way to get people to link back to the interview content.
10. Blog industry events (live) – If you have an industry event on be the first to do a live blog of this, the live blog content will entice users to link to your site.
11. Take photos of local events – taking photos of local events and making galleries on your website can be an easy way to gain link backs to your site.
12. Share Company Images – Use some high quality company images and post them on 3rd party websites such as FlickR, this is a great way to build links no follow and do follow back to the company if you have some really cool staff pictures of employees enjoying their job it can also work well for that. Make sure that you have staff consent before sharing staff images.
13. Post on related Forums – If you find related forums you can build an aged profile, my advice is to go and make around 40 posts on the forum, help people out and then post a link to your product or service, the worst thing you can do is go and post a link after 1 post it will lead your account to be banned.
14. Join trade associations – If you go to conferences and trade shows make sure you try and be a part of the association it can usually end up with your business been listed on the associations page.
15. Give Bloggers Freebies – Offer freebies and goodies to bloggers who are related to your industry, if you are a fashion site send fashion bloggers a small show bag with some of your overstocked products, it can be an easy way to build connections.
We hope this post helps you with developing links, if you want help with backlinks in any way feel free to contact us direct.

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