We have sourced a list of 20 effective SEO Tips direct from Ex Google employees!

Tip 1 – Content Relevancy is important for SEO.

Tip 2 – High quality Directories are still worthwhile.

Tip 3 – Do not trust directories which ask for reciprocal links.

Tip 4 – Do not use scraped or obvious poorly written content on your websites.

Tip 5 – META Keywords are still worthwhile if you include highly relevant ones.

Tip 6 – If you are going to build a links on a website check the commercial vs. non-commercial ratio of the anchors that site currently has.

Tip 7 – Don’t put more than 2 commercial keywords in your title tags

Tip 8 – Make sure that you use Titles and Descriptions on your website as they are key ranking elements.

Tip 9 – Use competitive intelligence tools such as http://Netcomber.com and Majestic SEO.

Tip 10 – Focus on high quality content if you wish to future proof your SEO.

Tip 11 – Make sure that you have Google Places and Google+ Set up for your business they are crucial elements for business.

Tip 12 – Make sure that you use internal linking wisely it can be an effective piece to your SEO strategy.

Tip 13 – There are over 3,000 ranking elements Google uses for websites.

Tip 14 – When doing SEO try to forget about SEO.

Tip 15 – If 90% of your link profile uses a commercial anchor text it will raise suspicion.

Tip 16 – You must be careful how you use the Disavow tool, if used wrongly it can be harmful for your website a better strategy is to reach out to have the links removed first.

Tip 17 – Leverage social signals for your website from Tweet’s to Google+’s.

Tip 18 – Never build 1000 links from splogs or spam links in a short period of time it will only leave you with a negative SEO point of view.

Tip 19 – Exact Match Domains are still worthwhile if you build a quality site from them, by quality site it means quality link profile and also quality on page content.

Tip 20 – High quality PR is still worthwhile if it is from trusted news sources.