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20 TOP Link Builders You Should Be Following On Twitter!

A common question many people in the SEO industry ask is: “Who are some quality link builders I can follow on Twitter??“.
To answer this question, I have decided to take the liberty and make a list of 20 link builders who I have been following for a long time and highly advise you follow them as well if you are looking for new link building ideas, tips and advice. All the links builders who I have listed below focus on high quality Google friendly link building strategies.

Please note the list below is in no specific order.

1. Jon Cooper Is a well known link builder who founded the blog Point Blank SEO. Jon runs a link building course and also provides fantastic blog posts on link building.

Jason-Acidre-SEO2. Jason Acidre Is a well known SEO and Link Builder from the Philippines, if you are looking for advanced link building ideas be sure to follow Jason.

Ross Hudgens SEO3. Ross Hudgens Is the founder of Siege Media a well known content marketing agency in the USA, he has some fantastic Link Building presentations and blog posts.

Wil Reynolds SEO4. Wil Reynolds Is the founder of SEER Interactive, he is know for creative digital marketing, link buuilding and been AWESOME! It is worth searching for Wil’s keynote presentations on YouTube and staying up to date with the SEER Blog.

Debra Mastaler SEO5. Debra Mastaler Is from the US and runs a fantastic link building blog, if you are looking for some tips and tactics be sure to check out Debra on Twitter.

Julie Joyce SEO6. Julie Joyce Is a well known link builder from the US who runs Link Fish Media, if you are searching for quality tips and advice be sure to follow Julie.


Hugo Guzman SEO7. Hugo Guzman Is a digital marketing VP who works at  JPMorgan Chase, he has a strong history in natural link building and branding strategies.

Paddy Moogan SEO8. Paddy Moogan Is a link builder from the UK who works at Distilled a market leading SEO company.

Justin Briggs SEO9. Justin Briggs Is a link builder and Senior Marketing Manager at Getty Images.

Wiep Knol SEO10. Wiep Knol Is a link builder from the Netherlands, if you are looking for advanced link building content be sure to follow Wiep.

Ryan Clark SEO11. Ryan Clark Is a link builder from Canada who runs Linkbuildr, a popular agency with a high emphasis on quality link building.


James Agate12. James Agate Is a link builder who runs Sky Rocket SEO an agency with a strong emphasis on high quality link building strategies.

Chris Dyson SEO13. Chris Dyson is a growth hacker and link builder Hitreach and he runs a fantastic SEO blog Tripleseo.

Peter Attia SEO14. Peter Attia Is a Web Marketing Manager at Pingboard, his blog CucumberNebula has some fantastic link building tips and advice.

Brian Dean SEO 15. Brian Dean Is a link builder who runs the popular blog Backlinko, if you are looking for link building ideas be sure to follow Brian.

jamesnorquay-seo16. James Norquay Is a link builder based in Australia who runs Prosperity Media a high performance SEO and Inbound Marketing agency, who focuses on high quality creative link building and SEO in competitive niches.

dejanseo17. Dan Petrovic Is a link builder based in Australia, who runs Dejan SEO with an emphasis on link building tactics.

Sean Si SEO18. Sean Si Is a link builder in the Philippines who runs the agency SEO Hacker, they foucs on creative link building strategies.

Venchito Tampon SEO19. Venchito Tampon Is a Link Builder from the Philippines who runs Digital Philippines a link building based website which provides some good link building information.

Richard-SEO20. Richard Marriott Is a Link Builder addicted to climbing up Google with viral content & white hat link building strategies.

If you know of any great link builders on Twitter who missed the list yet deserve a mention, please leave a comment below!

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