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High Quality Blogger Outreach Services


Here at Backlinks we pride our selves on been one of the best in the business when it comes to high end link building Services for our clients. We deal in high end Blogger outreach and we do not use networks or low quality Services to build blogger relations.
As we work with many Mid- Large scale businesses in the Sydney market it means we need to be doing the best possible outreach for our clients. This is why we have decided to put some information down on tips when completing an outreach process.
With any outreach process you need to factor in the following elements to the project  –
1. Work out the due process with the client –
Usually before you start any outreach process you need the client to agree on the method in which you will be contacting clients, some clients are quite sensitive to their brand name been used so this needs to be factored into the process.
It is also important to ensure that you use a female member of your team for out reach and ensure that the email used is from the company example – Cindy – The number of times you see  Gmail used in outreach it is a sign the site owner has not been creative or successful with their out reach process.
2. Prospecting for sites –
When we prospect for sites we need to make sure that the target site is relevant and it is also high quality.
Ways in which you can check if a target site is high quality are looking what the current PR of the home page of the website, looking what the current domain authority of the site is.
Usually if the site is low quality it will have a PR ZERO homepage and low domain authority.
Example tool to check bulk domain authority is Ahrefs
Prospecting can be done by the following – 
– Reverse engineer your competitors link profile using Ahrefs
– Use advanced search queries to find prospect sites.
– Use social media sites to find prospect sites, a great tool to find bloggers is Twitter search.
– Use tools like to find top authority bloggers.
Usually if a site is only accepting guest post after guest post and the content is poor it is not advisable to target a site such as this.
 3. Reaching out to the target website –
Once you feel it is time to reach out to a target site you need to have a correct process in place to do so. this could mean you are going to do some research on the target site, or the person you are contacting. Site owners love to be contacted by some one who actually knows their first name and does not sound like a robot.
Also never send content straight to a blogger this is a dangerous tactics ensure that you write what the site owner wants or try and tweak their topic ideas.
4. Writing the content –
Ensure when you write the article for the blogger it is relevant and matches the tone of their blog or you will find yourself re doing content over and over.
5. When it is time to post – 
Always ensure you build a strong relationship with the blog and make sure that you share the content when it is posted, also follow up with the site owner to thank them for their opportunity. Also look for other cross promotion opportunities with the blogger.
This is a very top level guide on blogger out reach if you want more in depth advice and services please do not hesitate to contact use on – 1300 886 452 (during Australian business hours)

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