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High Quality Link Building Services Sydney has been helping clients in the Australian market acquire high-quality links and build high-quality content assets for over 10 years.

If you need a link building service you can trust, talk to our team today on 1300 886 452.

About us has been operating for over 10 years in the Australian market, developing the most effective high-quality link building services. Our comprehensive link building efforts include strategising, outreach and implementation.

Our Sydney-based link building SEO agency has experience working within a range of industries including online education, finance, travel, Forex, e-commerce and more. No matter your needs, we have the expertise you need for a successful link building campaign.

Why are we different?

Our team works to deliver high-quality inbound links which are long-lasting. We are based in Australia and use manual methods and direct outreach to deliver the very best results.

Link building is one of the most important investments your business can make. Low-quality backlinks can be very harmful to your website, which is why you should opt for the premium link building services of Backlinks.

While link building in the Australian market can be difficult, our experienced team has the expertise necessary for a successful link building campaign.

Best link building service Sydney

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an increasingly popular form of digital marketing. However, many businesses fail to consider the role that backlinks play. Your on-page content and technical foundations may be perfectly optimised, but without a solid link building strategy, your performance in Google and other search engines might never reflect the hard work you’re putting in.

That’s where we come in. Our Sydney-based link building agency has the expertise to develop link building campaigns that get your business results. We have a strong understanding of how backlinks play into your overall SEO aims and will work to deliver links from relevant websites. You can view our work as a complement to your business’s other SEO work, helping to boost traffic and outrank competitors. boasts a team of link building experts with experience working in a wide range of industries. Sydney is our home base from which we can help local businesses meet their SEO goals.

What is link building?

Link building is a process of generating quality backlinks to your website. Backlinks (inbound links from other websites pointing to your website) are arguably the single most important ranking factor in Google. They help to establish expertise and authority. 

If Google sees that many high-quality websites are going out of their way to provide links to yours, it boosts your search results because your content has proven to be valuable.

There are many strategies you can use for a link building campaign. Here are a few methods we can use to help your business:

  • Broken link building: This strategy involves finding dysfunctional pages on the web and creating a similar page of your own. Then, find backlinks pointing towards that page and perform outreach promoting your new page.
  • Link reclamation: Link reclamation involves finding backlinks your site has already earned but which are now broken. It’s a simple method of outreach bringing these broken links to the attention of webmasters and asking them to fix them.
  • Resources page: Resource pages are web pages that link out to useful tools within an industry. If your website contains a suitable page, we’ll reach out to the curators of these pages and request inclusion.
  • Directory listings: Online directories are sites that point consumers towards local businesses. Your site should be featured in as many listings as possible to gain backlinks, as well as to get more eyeballs on your business.

Why is link building important?

Link building is an essential component of any SEO strategy. Google uses it as a major ranking factor to establish where your site should be featured on results pages.

The quality of your backlinks is just as important as how many links your site has. Generating a large number of backlinks from private blog networks and other low-quality sources is an easy option, but these spammy links can do more harm than good. If you have a large number of links from sites like these, Google may push you down the rankings. has over 10 years of experience generating high-quality backlinks in a variety of industries. We deploy a range of strategies to create strong backlink profiles to boost your SEO aims.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of link building?

Our link building packages start at $2,000 AUD + GST a month. This includes a full report.

Are your links relevant to my industry?

Securing relevant links is an important ranking signal for Google’s algorithm. As such, we acquire backlinks from websites within the same industry or a similar industry to your own.

Will the links be long-term?

We build long-term links. We will not take down links after your campaign ends. Following the termination of your campaign, the duration of your link is dependent on the source website.

What makes a good backlink?

The quality of a backlink is determined by a range of factors. A site’s traffic is an important signal as to the quality of outgoing links. Traffic is an important factor, which is why we ensure all sites we use have over 500 organic monthly visitors from Tier 1 countries such as Australia.

Another key metric we use is Domain Rating (DR). Devised by a powerful SEO tool called Ahrefs, DR measures how authoritative a website is and thus how valuable outbound links are in the eyes of Google. We aim for links from sites with a DR of 12 or more.

A good backlink should also come from a relevant website and be an organic on-page feature and never seem forced or out-of-place.

Still have some questions? See more FAQs or contact us.

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