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How to effectively build backlinks in 2024

Building backlinks in 2012 is not as easy as it was in 2010 you have many more areas to employ with your link building strategy,
these areas include things such as working with new advanced link building strategies which will provide far higher quality results.
some of these strategies can be broken down by the graph below:

Ideal Backlink Profile in 2012
Ideal Backlink Profile in 2012

* Real Websites – websites which have been established for a long period of time.
* Blogs – Blog related websites such as sub domains on /blog/ .wordpress .blogspot and more.
* Article Directories – High quality article directoris which are indexed by Google News.
* Social Bookmarks – Using high quality social bookmarking sites to assist with indexing of content.
* Website Directories – Using website directories which are higher quality and niche specific.
* EDU and Gov Sites – Education and government websites are some of the highest quality online if you want to have a high quality link this is the ideal prospect to utalize.
* Ecommerce Sites – Related e-commerce websites where you can have your products listed.
* Review sites – Review based websites where you can provide information on related products.
* wiki sites – wiki based websites where you can store links such as travel wikis.
* Social Networks – Social Networking sites which provide link value such as Twitter, Linkin, Pinterest and Facebook.

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