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Netcomber for Link Research Tool Review

This is guest Link Building Tool Review of Netcomber by Andrew from APG Web Studios.
Recently I have been using Netcomber which I have found to be a great piece of software. What I have established over the first few weeks of use, is this online software plays an important role in understanding the relationships between domains which major search engines such as Google try to discover over time. In an ever changing industry that is search engine optimisation, finding effective ways to unlock competitor strategies and to investigate important information on your new client’s websites is absolutely essential. Knowledge is power.
What does Netcomber display?
Netcomber displays vital information for all webmasters to utilise. The information you gather is transparent and the layout is easy on the eye. You are able to collect information such as:
1.Accounts: – The accounts section displays relationships between the website in question and any online account that it is connected with that website. For example, the information will contain the websites facebook account, feedburner, YouTube, Flickr, Google Analytics ID, visual website optimiser and much more.
2.Outbound Links: – The outbound links is quite self explanatory. This box shows a collection of links which the website in question is linking out to. For example, links out to in the top navigation.
3.Inbound Links: – The inbound links in addition is self explanatory. This box contains websites which link to the website in question. It’s always a great idea to have multiple platforms on hand to analyse your inbound links and Netcomber does a fairly good job displaying this data.
4. Hosting Details: – Hosting details provides information such as server IP address and domain name information.
5. Contact Details: – Contact details shows contact information found on the website.
Sites connected to:
This is where the real power lies within this program. Sites that are connected to the website in question are based on the many factors mentioned above. When you are granted access to Netcomber, you can easily determine the relationships between your domain and others, which allows you insight into the mind of a search engine.
What you do with this information is totally capped at your creativity.
Other Features from Netcomber
Cluster reporting on domain lists, is another handy feature that Netcomber used. What you can do is upload a list of domains from Majestic SEO and then it will show you the relation ships between the specific clusters of domains.
Example below shows how it splits up Google hosted domains and Yahoo hosted domains:
For further information on netcomber they have also put together a hand video to show more features of the tool and the benefits of using it:

If you haven’t checked out, I suggest you start now! Powerful data is at your finger tips.

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