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Ten Link Building Tips for the Gaming & Casino Niche

The Gaming/ Gambling niche can be one of the most competitive online when it comes to link building, it can also be the most difficult to drive ideas when building links in this niche. I have decided to put together 10 ideas with the help of some team members of some ideas you can test for the gaming niche –
1. Company Specific Pages & Niche ideas –
– Create a page where you mention every company you deal with (Accountants, water delivery company, etc) Inform them that you’ve made this public & give them a positive testimonials on their service and suggest that you are so happy with the service that it would be a honor if they would publish it on their website. The company logo or company name should link back your website.
2. Sponsor/Buy a Gaming forum –
Not only will you get access to the Gaming forum users, but also get your website linked from it from numerous sections of the forums.
This strategy can also be expanded to Gaming blogs for example.
3. Publish Articles relevant to Gaming –
Write relevant articles for industry sites, topics such as Winning Gaming online and anything which will drive traffic to the target site. Quite an age old tactic tho it still works if done correctly.

4. PR submission –

News Worthy article ie: List of services and good causes that all the different gaming sites support.
5. Content Creation links –
– Collection of Funniest (casino/gaming) Winner Photos
6. Survey based links –
– Logic / Reason on choosing winning numbers
– Oddest places to store gaming slips so you don’t loose it.
Using surveys to acquire links can be a fantastic brand building strategy.

7. Broken Link building ideas –

Get websites that link to: to link to your own gaming site.
Currently is now “Lord of The Rings Online” instead of a gaming forum:
Always be on the look out for expired domains which are relevant to your gaming niche.

8. Widgets & Number Analysers –

create a lotto analyser widget
Target example:
This same thing can be adapted to many niches!
9. Stunts to acquire high quality links –
Aprils Fools Content: Example:
10. April Fools links Ideas –
Compile top 14 April fools “the lottery/ Casino win” prank videos and stories and wish them luck on April Fools Day.
These are ten top level and creative ideas for the gaming niche if you have any other please feel free to share them below!

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