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6 Effective Link Building Strategies in 2024

Link building is an integral part of increasing website traffic and improving your search engine rankings. There are plenty of highly effective ways to create backlinks. Read on for our top tactics…

  1. Use High-quality content placements.

Getting a relevant high-quality content placement is really a win-win situation. Influential or expert blogs are often happy to allow content in their field, as it’s a great way for them to expand their reach and develop a wider audience.
Blogs who are active on their own sites and social media will often publicise the guest work they have done, driving traffic to your website.
Look for influential writers in your field or bloggers who have previously shown an interest in your content by sharing or discussing it on their own site. You can use tools like BuzzSumo to do this.

  1. Make shareable infographics

Infographics are eternally popular as a visually appealing way to share facts and information. Audiences love them as they are easy to digest, and they often get shared widely – creating many backlinks in the process.
In the spirit of good content marketing, always strive to create something that has value to your audience. ‘How to’ infographics have a long lifespan and are widely shared. Shorter-term but widely relatable approaches can also have a big reach, such as quick expert facts on social media changes, for example.

  1. Get your products reviewed

If you provide a product or service, getting it reviewed by a fellow blogger can be an effective way of driving further traffic to your site. This is similar to influencer marketing. While this can be effective for your link building campaign, it’s important that you target relevant bloggers in your niche and ensure they include a link back to your site.
When it comes to attracting reviewers, offering freebies, such as a discount code or free trial of your service, provides a great incentive and rarely fails!
Be sure that you’re really confident with what you have to offer, as an independent review isn’t for the faint-hearted.
Providing further freebies to the reviewer’s audience, such as discounts, can encourage even more click through’s to your site.

  1. Look for broken links

The internet is a fast-paced environment, and links which are valid when a piece of content is published can easily become void in a very short timeframe. Pages are removed and owners forget to update them.
You can use this to your advantage by scouting for broken links on websites related to your business. Tools such as Dead Link Checker allow you to quickly scan a website and create a list of broken links.
If you offer a relevant product, service or content which could be used in the place of the broken link, contact the site’s owner and offer your link as a replacement. Be sure to explain the value of doing so. This helps both parties, as broken links can damage a website’s ranking, so the fixed link benefits both yourself and the website owner.

  1. Ask the experts & Ego Bait

Similar to the guest content tactic, collating the opinions of relevant experts in a field can be a great way to build backlinks.
The experts themselves are, like guest bloggers, likely to publicise content they are featured in their own audiences.
A well-written piece of content with advice from several experts is also likely to be really useful and interesting to an audience. Content which has value to an audience is always more likely to be bookmarked and shared, which can create a whole host of links.

  1. Create long-form guides

It’s well-known that long-form (and high quality) content is favoured in Google rankings. Blog posts of 1,500 words plus or more are often resources or educational content.
Research what’s out there, but make sure to provide your own insight rather than duplicating something that already exists.
The longer length of the content allows you to go much more in-depth on a topic. If you manage to create something which fulfils your audience’s search intent, you are more likely to get click-throughs and links which will help with ranking on google.
Use these 6 link building tactics in your marketing strategy, and you’ll be surprised at how many backlinks you manage to create with just a bit of thought and effort.

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