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Research proves that Backlinks still equate for 40% of Ranking.

When it comes to ranking with SEO Backlinks are still highly important. Many individuals say that Backlinks do not help with ranking in today’s market. This is not the case Moz has released its 2013 ranking factors study and it shows that close to 40% of ranking online involve the use of Backlinks. Now the key point is you need to be building the correct types of backlinks.
backlink importance 2013
An overview of the key ranking elements can be seen below:
1. Domain level authority link metrics.
2. Page level link metrics.
3. Page level keyword and content based metrics.
4. Page level keyword agnostic Features.
5. Domain level brand metrics.
6. User usage and traffic query data.
7. Page level social metrics.
8. Domain level keyword usage.
9 Domain level keyword agnostic features.

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